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What are the Benefits of IITJEE Video Lectures

Revise ! Revise!! Revise!!!

When you revise a tough topic once or twice it becomes easier.Use Video Lectures to revise the syllabus.
Learn at your speed

learners can digest lecture content at their pace and explore content more deeply.You can understand every bit of important information.Pause or rewind to while you loose focus
Good Subject Knowledge

Good subject knowledge helps you to beat the competition. Video Lectures are recorded in classroom of experienced and popular faculties.After all their experience also add more marks to your score.
Learning become portable and personalized

The videos have the same content and subject rigor as the classroom lectures, homework, and exams, but are portable and can be studied when a student wants and meets the student’s individual learning requirements They can view the lecture when and where they study most
Least expensive learning

Video lectures are accessible at low cost to students and also saves other expenditure made on coaching. Students would not seek out a live tutor. It is one of the least expensive ways to learn subjects like physics chemistry maths and biology
Prevents fear of failure

Once students are unable to understand few topic they start to develop the fear of loosing competition, which eventually results into give up or psychologically dropout the preparation.A timely support of video lectures is a proactive step to prevent this.
Motivation, Inspiration & Spirit to succeed

Once you start to learn and score the tests ,it fires you to learn further, a help of video lectures never let you feel down.

Why Video Lectures

Good Faculty Guidance anywhere, anytime
Proven Teaching Methodology Of Experienced Faculties
Revise Tough Topics Of IITJEE Untill It Becomes Easy
Make All JEE Subjects Equally Scoring
Start Learning with IITJEE Video Lectures Instantly
Thousands Of solved Example & Illustrations of IIT JEE syllabus
Study From The Same Quality Material From which Students In Kota Are Studying But In Easier Way
Only 10 % cost of a Typical Coaching Fees with same benefits
Use IIT JEE Video Lectures for Improving Score and Future

What IIT JEE Video lectures mainly contain ?

As this video lectures are our KOTA  classroom recording it contains everything needed to clear the examination, it consists mainly in depth theory ,good quality in the illustrations, solved examples and short tricks and memory methods

Which devices play IITJEE VIdeo Lectures ?

IITJEE  video lectures can be played on computer laptop or tab mobile having Windows and Android operating systems. Note that these IIT JEE Video lectures are available both as offline and online mode

What do IITJEE video lectures mainly contain ?

As this video lectures are our KOTA  classroom recording it contains everything needed to clear the examination, it consists mainly in depth theory ,good quality in the illustrations, solved examples and short tricks and memory methods

What is the instruction medium of IITJEE Video lectures?

Video lectures are taught in mix language which carries English terminologies but explained in Hindi. You can watch the samples to have an exact feel of these lectures

What Toppers Say About An Incredibly Fast, Simple, yet powerful, method of preparing IITJEE NEET & Other Exams

Thousands of students got benefited from IIT JEE video lectures.

c ira

IRA Pachori

AIR 11 in AIIMS 2016

“I am IRA Pachori of ABLES video lecture batch

and got AIR 11 in AIIMS 2016.I am extremely grateful

to the ABLES Video lectureto help me to realise the success .

I would strongly recommend them for all aspirants.

These lectures take your learning to a completely

new level”


Kshitij Jain AIR-36 in JEE 2015

IIT Bombay

“I am Kshitij Jain got AIR-36 in JEE 2015.

I did work hard for it .I have faced problem with chemistry

so I took Ables Video Lectures of Joy Sir which helped me to

solve out my problems and to increase my command on Chemistry .

After watching lectures of Joy Sir Chemistry

become fun for me .

Thank you Ables”

c antriksh


IAPT Chemistry Olympiad

“To P. Joy Sir,

He is the ultimate best teacher of Chemistry.

I have been selected in IAPT Chemistry Olympiad due to his

continuous help and guideline.

I have taken his Video Lectures

and it is very beneficial for me .

I got improved from them”

c hitharth


AIR 111 (Gen.) IIT - Bombay

“this way of teaching

make us grasp

the concepts easily

rather then memorizing subjects

i have found them very useful


Greatly contributing to my selection ”

c mukul


Gold Medalist IMO

“I am very much

thankful to ABLES with whom

guidance l got Gold Medial in

international Maths Olympiad

amongst the all students of india.

Thanks to ABLES for the kind


c prabhav


NIT -Allahabad, Civil

“I had almost lost my chemistry in my


thanks to

Ables kota

which has saved a year

and money which i spent in coaching .

its a real return of fees paid”

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