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These are the unedited recordings of  classroom Lectures of Mr Prakash Joy in Kota.

Mr Prakash Joy has taught 24 years in Kota. He has trained more than 15000 students for IIT JEE and medical entrance exams.

He is one of the most cherished Faculty of Kota from the beginning days of Kota coaching. He he is a faculty trainer too, he has trained 100 plus faculties so far.

Unlike coventional chemistry teaching ,Mr Joy uses starting from scratch tolevel high approach through detailed explanation of every fact .He explains
everything in detail so that even a student with minimal subject background
can understand and solve Multiple Choice Questions.

This reduces stress to memories the subject. Moreover daily life
applications and illustrations creates interest to study the subject
further.His teaching methodology is very simple he starts  from the very beginning and the  basic level where it is assumed that student doesn’t know anything in the subject then he gradually develops and builds the lectures to the level needed for qualifying IIT JEE and medical exams.  Hey solves many examples, numericals to clarify the subject to the student .This emphasizes on the problem solving techniques .
He teaches in a very calm and cool methods  explaining through lots of daily life mnemonic which can be applied in chemistry this makes a student to  understand the subject well and to recall it for long.

If you really want to understand the depth of his lectures then please watch the lectures for full length and also if possible watch more than one lectures of the same topic

These whooping more than 200 GB data delivers you 400 hours lectures which
acts as sufficient raw material to prepare competitive examinations.This
product will be a real worth for your money.

You can study online or buy these in the form of set of DVDs which will be delivered
through courier

For details please call at 07740803551 or 0744 2405510 .
To watch the sample lectures click on the following link :

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    All videos are recorded In ABLES Kota classrooms
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Revise ! Revise!! Revise!!!

When you revise a tough topic once or twice it becomes easier.Use Video Lectures to revise the syllabus.
Learn at your speed

learners can digest lecture content at their pace and explore content more deeply.You can understand every bit of important information.Pause or rewind to while you loose focus
Good Subject Knowledge

Good subject knowledge helps you to beat the competition. Video Lectures are recorded in classroom of experienced and popular faculties.After all their experience also add more marks to your score.
Learning become portable and personalized

The videos have the same content and subject rigor as the classroom lectures, homework, and exams, but are portable and can be studied when a student wants and meets the student’s individual learning requirements They can view the lecture when and where they study most
Least expensive learning

Video lectures are accessible at low cost to students and also saves other expenditure made on coaching. Students would not seek out a live tutor. It is one of the least expensive ways to learn subjects like physics chemistry maths and biology
Prevents fear of failure

Once students are unable to understand few topic they start to develop the fear of loosing competition, which eventually results into give up or psychologically dropout the preparation.A timely support of video lectures is a proactive step to prevent this.
Motivation, Inspiration & Spirit to succeed

Once you start to learn and score the tests ,it fires you to learn further, a help of video lectures never let you feel down.