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Video Lectures Can Be Useful To You If You Find

  • You are unable to score to your full expectations despite studying hard 
  • You get too many negative marks 
  • You feel your basics are week 
  • You Most often require more detailed explanations in your current studies . 
  • You missed few chapters in your regular coaching 
  • You feel that your subject knowledge has gaps in between
  • You started late to prepare
  • You are not having access to good coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q What are video lectures ?
A :These are the videos through which you can cover IIT-JEE Syllabus

Q Is it really free Course ?
A. :Yes the course on chemical bonding is free.

Q Why video lectures are needed where Internet has uncountable number of videos
A :These are especially made for the entrance examinations and recorded in actual classroom . This contains the real knowledge and the real skills needed to clear the examinations. Thus are very relevant and time saving.

Q Whose video lectures are these ?
A :The instructor of free course of IIT JEE is Mr Prakash Joy he has got coaching experience of 24 years in Kota

Q What fees will be charged for this course
A :This is absolutely free you need not pay a single rupee in any form

Q What is comprised in this course
A :this course of video lecture of chemical bonding for IIT JEE empowers you with essential knowledge,required skills and techniques to solve the problems of tough exam.

Q What I need to do to join this course
A :Just Creat your username password and start .Click the yellow button below and access the course instantly

Q What is the best way to take maximum advantage of this course
A : 1 Use your laptop computer with a pen and a notebook in a quiet place
2 for the best learning outcome use earphone so that you can feel as if you are sitting in the real classroom
3 after every few minutes pause the lecture and reflect on your learning. simultaneously take down good notes with two or three colourful pens do copy down all the examples taught by the faculty. Never forward the video
4 whenever you lose focus you can review the lecture back from where you feel connected.

Q How long I can use this Videolectures for IIT-JEE?
A : you have to finish this course in 40 days after that your account will expire .

Q Is there any helpline,in case i find any problem
A :Yes you can contact on +919982812345

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