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Chemistry Preparation Going Tough? 
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24 Years Kota Coaching Experience

Sample Video Lecture Course On Chemical Bonding

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Video Lectures
Physical Chemistry

Mole Concept,Chemical Equilibrium,Ionic Equiblirium, Solubility Product,Thermodynamics, Thermochemistry,Solid State, Dilute Solutions, Chemical Kinetics, Electrochemistry
Atomic Structure, Gaseous State Surface Chemistry

Video Lectures
Inorganic  Chemistry

Chemical Bonding, Coordination Compounds,s block Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Metallurgy, P block 13 Group,14 Group, 15 Group, 16 Group 17 Group,18 Group d Block, Qualitative Analysis 

Video Lectures
Organic Chemistry

Stereo Chemistry, Resonance Effect,I effect, Hyperconjugation,Intermediates,types Of reactions,GOC
Alane, Alkenes, Alkynes, Aromatic Hydrocarbons,Alky and Aryl Halides,Alcohol and Ethers, Aldehydes and Ketones,Carobxylic Acids Amines Biomolecules,Polymers


1 Benefit Of Many Faculties : FacultyYou May get Video Lectures of More than One faculties to match your learning style A unique experience and advantage,which most of even regular classroom coaching students do not have,despite paying huge fees
2 Sucess with balanced study :You may not be good in all subjects & topics.So you can improve them with video lectures. Like other hundreds of students who have chosen ABLES Video lectures to learn better, as they knew that most of the candidates miss the success because of a subject or a few weak topics
3 Master The Subject Detailed lectures help you to master the skills and understand topics which are not well covered
or taught in your already joined coaching class
4 Learn at your own speed When you are unable to cope up with the fast speed of coaching you start to loose subject.So now you can learn at your own learning speed with video lectures. Good learning saves time at later stage and avoid frustration.
5 Kota Benefit :Get the Kota faculty advantage like experienced teaching methodology ,variety of examples ,concept application ,problem solving skills.Its one of the most inexpensive methds to get quality coaching
6 DVD with Study material & Test Series : DVDs are synchronized with study material and test series .Studty modules have plenty of questions and theory along with past exam questions.
7 Revise : and relearn tough topics as many times as you need


  • Ables Kota is helping students succeed in IITJEE since 1999 
  • All IIT JEE videos are recorded In ABLES Kota classrooms 
  • Unlimited revisions with JEE video lectures. 
  • IIT JEE Main Video lectures delivered by ABLES Kota subject experts. 
  • Most affordable learning material & DLP
  • Learn from anywhere and anytime. 
  • 3500 + students have purchased ABLES IIT JEE Lectures so far . 
  • Class 9 to 12 JEE Mains preparation videos 
  • 2000 + solved examples On IIT JEE Videos
  • Extra study material and test papers 
  • Revise at 2x /3x speed of video

Frequently Asked Questions

These are recordings of our classroom coaching in Kota. The experienced faculties who have produced results their recording helps you also. We provide this recordings on DVDs or other media like pen drive and hard disc.

As this video lectures are our KOTA  classroom recording it contains everything needed to clear the examination, it consists mainly in depth theory ,good quality in the illustrations, solved examples and short tricks and memory methods

These video lectures can be played on computer laptop or tab mobile having Windows and Android operating systems. Note that these lectures cannot be played on DVD player or on TVs.

As this video lectures are our KOTA  classroom recording it contains everything needed to clear the examination, it consists mainly in depth theory ,good quality in the illustrations, solved examples and short tricks and memory methods

These video lectures can be played on computer laptop or tab mobile having Windows and Android operating systems.

Video lectures are taught in mix language which carries English terminologies but explained in Hindi. You can watch the samples to have an exact feel of these lectures.

Yes you can watch sample lectures on following link. There are video lectures on Physics Chemistry Maths and Biology . by experienced and result oriented faculties. Sample lectures videogallery.

These lectures are delivered through Courier or Other Postal Services on your address.It takes 3 to 4 days time to deliver.You will get a tracking ID to check your consignment.

It starts from 500 Rs. single topic to higher price.For details visit our store on following link. Estore.

Use Sample Course

 Physics,Chemistry,Maths IIT JEE Videos
See The Difference In Just 5 to 6 Hours Of Learning

iit jee video lectures

Videolectures In DVD,Pen drive,Harddisk,Memory card



Cracker DVDs Phy/Che/Maths/Bio
Price : Topic Wise : 500/- per topic.
Subject Wise 5000/- per Subject
Class Wise :
Full Syllabus pre-foundation (IX/X) 10,000/-
Foundation[XI]:12,000 /-
Fresher [XII]: 12,000/-

Full Syllabus P Joy Sir Chemistry 16000/- (1 year validity) 
Full Syllabus P Joy Sir Chemistry 8000/- (6 months validity)
Physical Chemistry 8000/- (1 year validity)
Organic Chemistry 8000/- (1 year validity)
Inorganic Chemistry 8000/-(1 year validity)
Physics 11 class 5000/-(1 year validity)
Physics 12 Class 5000/-(1 year validity)
Maths 11 class 5000/-(1 year validity)
Maths 12 class 5000/-(1 year validity)

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Video Lectures Preferred By Rankers



AIR-36 (Gen.)

IIT JEE- 2015

"I am Kshitij Jain got AIR-36

in JEE 2015. I did work hard for it .

I have faced problem with chemistry

so I took Ables Video Lectures

of Joy Sir which helped me to

solve out my problems and to increase

my command on Chemistry .

After watching lectures of Joy Sir Chemistry

become fun for me . Thank you Ables"



AIR-11 (Gen.)

AIIMS- 2016

"I am IRA Pachori of

ABLES video lecture batch

and got AIR 11 in AIIMS 2016.

I am extremely grateful

to the ABLES Video lecture

to help me to realise the success .

I would strongly recommend them

for all aspirants. These lectures

take your learning to a completely

new level"



IAPT Chemistry Olympiad

"To P. Joy Sir, He is the ultimate

best teacher of Chemistry.

I have been selected in IAPT Chemistry

Olympiad due to his

continuous help and guideline.

I have taken his Video Lectures

and it is very beneficial for me .

I got improved from them"



AIR 111 (Gen.)

IIT - Bombay, Electrical

“this way of teaching make us grasp

the concepts

rather then memorizing subjects

i have found them very useful ”



Gold Medalist IMO

“I am very much

thankful to ABLES with whom

guidance l got Gold Medial in

international Maths Olympiad

amongst the all students of india.

Thanks to ABLES for the kind




NIT -Allahabad, Civil

“i had almost lost my chemistry in my

coaching thanks to Ables kota

which has saved a year

and money which i spent in coaching .

its a real return of money”



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